Surreal Art

Surrealism is an artistic cultural movement that portrays a wide array of themes of imagination, choices of colors, and various art techniques. Surrealist artists focus on displaying the unconscious mind.

This cultural movement defies logic and is inspired by dreams and the mind’s deepest thoughts. The likes of Angelo Accardi’s artworks illustrate surreal depictions of everyday life on urban and natural landscapes.

If you have ever wondered about Angelo Accardi’s surreal art in this article we will uncover what surreal art is, what makes the art surreal, common characteristics of surrealism art and various surreal art ideas as well as why one should consider collecting surreal art.

What is Surreal Art?

Surrealism refers to an artistic movement founded by Andre Breton in the early 1920s. It was mainly aimed at liberating thoughts as well as human experience from the limitations of rationalism. Breton intended to unleash the view that the unconscious mind was the main source of creativity.

Automatism is a psychological term that separates one’s behavior from his or her consciousness of it and was believed to be the key to unleashing creative forces in surrealists. Surreal art involves using automatic methods which often result in surprising abstract work devoid of logical comprehension.

Surrealism has over the years been perceived by many surrealist artists and writers as more than just an artistic style but rather an artistic cultural movement. Even today surrealism continues to be one of the most influential cultural movements.

Artists including Angelo Accardi continue to dominate the art market and still employ key surrealistic concepts like the uncanny and the unconscious, creating works that show automatism and playing around with one’s imagination. An example of this is the famous and intriguing Angelo Accardi’s Misplaced Art collection.

There are two types of surreal art abstract and figurative art. Abstract art employs more of a natural organic form while figurative art highlights realistic imagery in an unreal form.

What makes art Surreal?

The most distinct thing that makes art surreal is the artwork being beyond reality. This artwork combines unconsciousness and reality and renders it into surprisingly marvelous canvases. Surreal art aspires toward the liberation of the mind and artistic expression. In most artwork by surreal artists, a thing’s actual physical appearance would need a deeper and unconscious view to reveal the real demonstration.

What are the seven characteristics of Surrealism Art?

The characteristics of surrealism include strange images or bizarre juxtapositions, unconsciousness as a valid reality, dream-like artwork or symbolic images, automatism techniques to create random effects, distorted figures or biomorphic shapes, depiction of perverse sexuality, and chance or spontaneity.

Surreal art ideas

Collections of artwork over the years depicted marvelous mythical landscapes, sculpture arrangements as well as fascinating people and animals. Pieces of art by various surrealists tend to commonly differ as various artists display creating thinking.

In 1926, André Masson a surrealist artist produced ‘Battle of Fishes’ media canvas for which he used gesso as prime support, randomly threw sand on his canvas, and painted it to come up with two prehistoric fish which had its jaws oozing with blood.

This piece of art unconsciously demonstrated the inherent unfairness of nature. As surrealistic art promotes creativity a variety of abstract works have been created. A key surrealistic artist Salvador Dali portrayed ideas using dream imagery and unconscious images.

Surreal art master Angelo Accardi at the inception of his career had his artworks based on the reflection of mankind with a greater focus on the social background which came up with the Human collection which brought him so much fame.

He moved to create artwork focused on profound themes which had value in those days. In his Misplaced collection, Angelo Accardi highlights the out-of-context by putting an unrelated object in an unusual everyday environment to replace humans. The idea behind this collection was to show how easily mankind can be substituted in environments where they usually dominate thereby representing an imminent fear of humankind.

Why collect Surrealist Artwork?

One has a wide choice of types of art to explore and discover in the genre of surrealism which over the years varies stylistically. As surreal art is unique, innovative, and transformative, collecting art in such a genre provides the viewer with an escape from reality as it presents a whole new innovative perspective hence the widely collected art.

Collecting surrealistic art can be used in home décor as it magically transforms the atmosphere in a room through its ambiguity which builds character in space as it stands out. In the workspace, the works of surrealistic masters like Angelo Accardi have an impact of creating a powerful atmosphere that can brighten the office or corporate space as well as create a provoking thought in the viewer’s mind. A good example of this would be the ‘Michael With The Nighthawks’ painting for sale in the Eden Gallery.

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