About  Angelo  Accardi

About  Angelo  Accardi


Angelo Accardi’s artworks illustrate surreal visions of everyday life on realistic backdrops of urban landscapes. His pieces are animated with pictorial images from pop culture over centuries, which in turn, ironically reveals the evolution of visual language. Accardi has always been on the search for new sensations in art, and this was a crucial component in the development of his unique artistic style.


Angelo Accardi was born in a small town in the south of Italy. He grew up inspired by traditional Italian art as well as modern interpretations of classical subjects. Always knowing he wanted to be an artist, he went to study fine arts at the Art Academy of Naples. Founded in 1752 by King Charles II it is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the country. Shortly after his formal education Accardi went on to set up his personal studio in the early ’90s. This allowed him to continue to study painting and sculpture closer to his childhood home. 


Setting up studio allowed Accardi to embark on a personal artistic journey where he, to this day, continues to develop some of the world’s most intricate and enigmatic works in contemporary art. He continues to focus on the study of figures, both human and animated, and the spaces that they inhabit. Accardi incorporates famous, recognizable works of art dating back centuries. Some as early as Ancient Roman sculpture and some as recently as contemporary art from this decade. His ‘nod’ to these artists encourages the audience to make connections between themselves and the artwork. As well as build relationships between the characters within the art to one another. His paintings are artistic conversations that expand over the centuries. They are playful, ironic, quirky, and deeply relevant. 


Today Accardi’s artistic initiatives cross borders, exhibiting in many prestigious galleries worldwide. In 2017 Eden Fine Art Gallery signed Accardi as one of their foremost contemporary talents. Since then he has had exclusive solo exhibitions in London and Mykonos, as well as representation cross-continentally. Today, Accardi still lives and works in Italy, bringing his uniquely humorous eye to his contemporary expression.

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