Feminine Art

The woman, our mother … the pivotal relationship that marks the life of every man through the intensity of joy and pain. My feminine art is a tribute to all women. Clear references of the ’60s and ’70s, years of excitement for the hippies or children of flowers and feminism.

Flower Daughters: a Feminine Art Expression

The ‘Flower Child’ reference includes both men and women, but women especially, for they are the ones who can fully embrace mother nature. These women redefined fashion and female identity through their innovative choices, creativity, and denouncing the boundaries they were confronted with. They wore flowers in their hair, bringing with them life and sweetness to every space they inhabit. This is the same with the women I paint, they bring life and joy of living to every bizarre landscape they are placed.

My Flowers Daughters series combine the classic Italian Renaissance portraiture and the contemporary style iconic to my work. Adding flowers, modern planes, and even a hidden ostrich or two to the garden in her hair allows me to bring together the worlds of old and new. Worlds where women’s roles have changed, but always remain central to society’s evolution.

I Don’t Want to Look

When my subjects come together, they help the viewer come to a conclusion about what it means to exist in reality.

Feminine Art

The account of the beheading of Holofernes by Judith has been depicted in many Renaissance and Baroque paintings. Recreated and retold countless times, her likeness changed over the centuries to represent strong women as an angelic figure, through sexual prowess, or in her physical strength and bravery. In every depiction, she is a strong woman, but her image is forever changing. The question of who she is, in reality, inspires me to paint her.

The brave Judith saved her people by fooling the Assyrian general Holofernes and then beheading him. Her ambition, faith, and inner strength inspires me. Women from different generations and upbringings have proven their strength and independence. I see a little bit of Judith in every woman I meet.

Ah Women

Every woman I paint represents power in a unique way. She is the artist who lived her life, trying to break down the barriers and limits of the usability of art, opening it without reserve to all social classes. The goddess Venus, the mother Marge, or the empowering woman-specific footwear from Christian Louboutin, each one speaks to the power of the female kind. Which one of these characters is more representative to strengthen my concept of women? See Ah Women here.

Feminine Art

Based on the past and profound experiences and for the motivations expressed, with different techniques and contents, I approach this the feminine world through my portrayals of feminine art. I represent the ideas of freedom and equality that they tried to legitimize over centuries and yet are still today subject to discrimination.


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