Dreams (and imagination) coming to life in my art

Surrealism in contemporary art allows me to bring dreams and imagination to life on the canvas, creating art beyond reality. Through the use of themes such as imagination, color palette, and various art techniques, I am able to define logic through the inspiration of dreams and the mind’s most profound thoughts.

Symbolic Presences in Art

In each of my artworks, I incorporate symbolic presences that reflect my exploration of the subconscious mind and the power of imagination. There is a continuous contrast of “opposite poles” within my compositions, creating a real provocation. These symbols can be creative or destructive, with their meaning often depending on their surroundings.

Compressed Manzoni - Gold & Black" by Angelo Accardi is a Mixed Media Sculpture

Incorporating Pop Art

While my work stays true to the universal themes of irony and chaos found in Surrealism, I also reference Pop Art, making the genre more relatable. Pop culture icons such as “The Simpsons” and specific symbols represent occidental peoples against the background of Murakami’s flowers, a symbol of new oriental art.


Playing with Contrasts

All of my work plays with the contrast between artistic moments and symbolism. Figures such as Keith Haring, Robert Indiana, Lichtenstein, and Hockney embody a new kind of figuration, creating sculptural poetry, comic and dreamy atmospheres, and providing lessons on the absolute freedom of art.


Setting the Scene

Many of my artworks are set in urban landscapes and galleries, places that belong to everyday life. I often induce artistic references to give these locations more energy and vitality, balancing composition and lowering superficiality.

The Liberation of Artistic Expression

Surreal art aims to revolutionize the human experience, allowing for the liberation of the mind and artistic expression. It allows one to find a strange beauty in the unexpected, bringing dreams and imagination to life in extraordinary and meaningful ways. To explore more of my works that play with the contrast between artistic moments and symbolism, click here.

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