The symbolism of my animals

As an artist, I often incorporate Symbolism in my work to convey deeper meaning and explore the subconscious mind. Symbolism focuses on the transcendent, such as dreams and visions, and emphasizes the meaning behind artistic elements such as forms, lines, shapes, and colors.

The Power of Symbolism

Through the use of powerful symbols, I am able to illustrate invisible or intangible emotions or ideas in a poetic and revealing manner. Each symbol holds a deeper meaning that goes beyond the material figure it represents.

The Ostrich and the Rhinoceros

In my artwork, the ostrich and the rhinoceros are powerful symbols that represent the ambiguity of man. The ostrich represents our freedom, unconstrained by societal expectations, our bodies, and personal choices. Each of these symbols fills the spaces that belong to everyday life, replacing the average and faceless gallery-goer.

angelo accardi artwork

Creating a Fabricated Reality

In my work, I create a fabricated reality where paradoxes constantly exist. Through the incorporation of exotic animals, youthful characters, and masterful works of art in places that belong to humankind, I bring to life the space each symbol inhabits.

angelo accardi painting

The Misplaced Collection

My Misplaced Collection includes elaborate scenes that give off the feeling that something doesn’t belong. “Magritte on the Wall,” part of this collection, pays tribute to the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte by incorporating his 1964 painting, “The Son of Man,” into a commonplace backdrop.

angelo accardi collection

Connecting the Past and Present

My latest Misplaced Collection connects the art of the past with the art of the present through powerful symbolic and layered artworks. Each piece is designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage deeper reflection on the world around us. To view my entire collection click here.

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