Accardi’s Event in NYC: This solo exhibition happened on May 18th and was a part of Eden’s silver anniversary.

angelo accardi NYC

In honor of Eden Gallery’s Silver Anniversary, marking their illustrious 25-year journey as a renowned gallery chain, I had the privilege of hosting a captivating solo exhibition on May 18th in the vibrant city of New York. The event was a testament to the gallery’s enduring success and provided a platform to showcase an array of awe-inspiring artworks.

angelo accardi painting

The exhibition displayed my signature style, characterized by a fusion of irony, surrealism, and a deep understanding of figures and the spaces they inhabit. My skillful depiction of urban landscapes painted a vivid picture of contemporary existence, inviting viewers to ponder the interplay between the individual and their surroundings. Each captivating composition and dynamic use of color breathed life into the gallery space, sending the audience on a journey of introspection, provoking thought and a range of emotions.

angelo accardi exhibition

By combining an appreciation for the compositions of the Old Masters and the figuration of Classical sculpture, my artwork showcased a deep reverence for the past while embracing the present. I aimed to bridge the gap between classical influences and contemporary expression, creating a harmonious dialogue between the old and the new.

angelo accardi artwork

Eden Gallery’s silver anniversary was a triumphant celebration of its remarkable achievements while highlighting the extraordinary roster of talented artists they represent. I invite you to visit my website to explore more artwork from my collection. Delve into their mesmerizing masterpieces and uncover the extraordinary aesthetic allure that awaits.

angelo accardi

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