How to Choose Art for a Home

Complementing a space with the right piece of art is not an easy task. People face numerous difficulties when deciding what type of artwork to use. Since there are many types of decor, it is ideal to know the right art for a specific wall.

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Usually, artwork defines the personality of a homeowner. Therefore, choosing the right art for a home is needed. Some benefits of investing in the art include that it is easily movable and increases in value over time. Here are some ideas to help choose some artwork for various spaces in a home.

Choosing Art for Different Spaces in the House

In every piece of art, there is a stylistic detail that the wall art brings to a space. Choosing art for different areas can be challenging in most cases, especially if the person does not have someone to guide them.

There are many factors to consider before investing in art, such as the following

  • The size of the wall and artwork
  • Colors in art and home themes
  • Tone, personality, and artistic appearance
  • The type of art and its texture
  • Personal taste and preference

How to Choose Art for the Living Room

The living room is among the most fun rooms in a house. Decorating a living room with art can make it cozier and more appealing. Though it can be intimidating to choose the right art for a living room, there is professional help.

Many homeowners feel pressured into choosing art since this room is where guests spend time. Conversely, the right piece of art is key in setting the mood of the room. One can go for a large-scale art gallery wall and complement it with small pieces of art.

Since there is always room for creativity, people have a lot of options to choose from for their homes. Art comes in various forms, such as paintings, sculptures, or canvas. It’s vital to look beyond the image and reflect on its uniqueness and the person’s personality.

How to Choose Art for the Bedroom

A bedroom is a retreat room where one spends time relaxing and having fun. Ideally, the room should be comfortable and cozy. A bedroom wall artwork should entirely reflect its nature.

Some of the best walls for art are the ones opposite the bed or directly over the bed. Art placement is ideal for making them look organized and good-looking. Large-scale pieces of art should be well-placed at direct eye level.

Other abstract pieces may help to complement the large-scale art. Smooth colors, tone, and small art textures can be used to match the room’s theme. It’s vital to keep minimal frames on the wall. Moreover, it could be a good idea to go for a canvas that minimizes space.

How to Choose Art for an Entranceway or Hallway

Decorating the entrance of a hallway can be challenging. The challenge comes mainly if the space is narrow or cannot accommodate large-scale art. When one adds the touch of a slender painting or a sculpture to such a space, it can look lively and appealing.

It’s vital for people to choose an artwork that is proportional to the space that allows the edges of the canvas or painting to direct people to the next room. Additionally, the person must ensure that the art brightens the entrance to show a welcoming and beautiful impression for the guests. Finally, people could add some table lamps or sconce lighting to the flooring area to make the space look different, stylish, and with flair.

How to Choose Art for a Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most forgotten rooms in a house when it comes to art. Though it is the heart of a home, it can be hard to navigate the right art to apply. Many kitchens may not have the space to install a larger painting.

In that case, people can consider placing artwork on the countertops or the bare space above the cabinets. Some homeowners go for small but complementary pieces that can bring a joyous and relaxing feeling. People choose to place funny or social-like paintings that are uplifting and fun. In other cases, these people may use engaging colors that make guests experience positive emotions.

How to Choose Art for a Bathroom

Another important room that is time and again forgotten in art placement is the bathroom. The vibe and theme of the bathroom play a significant role in choosing the ideal art.

Artworks that bring fun, brightness, serenity, or calmness are a good fit for bathroom spaces. Usually, bathroom art is more appealing when placed in pairs or in papercuts placed side by side.

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Most of the time, the art can be separated into two paintings similar to abstract or theme art. People can place the artwork pieces over the toilet, towel, hooks, or bathtub. Bathroom art should showcase creativity, comfort, and fun.

Which Type of Painting Is Good for the Home?

There are many aspects homeowners should investigate before choosing a good paint for their home. Common types of paint for beautiful homes are latex, acrylic, and serene water paintings that are highly durable and bring calm and peaceful energy. Using the colors is ideal for the kitchen and living room areas. Some important factors to look out for include:

  • Paint durability
  • Easiness to clean
  • Fade resistance
  • Paint with breathability rather than oil
  • Texture and water body representation
  • Non-toxic to the environment
  • Cost-effectiveness

Take Lighting into Consideration

Light is an important fixture that makes the artwork noticeable. It gives the painting an added depth and appearance. Furthermore, lighting gives some paintings a serene, 3D feeling. It also highlights some intended textures or hidden elements of an artwork. Though light can cause some art pieces to fade, people may consider using one with fewer UV rays.

Eden Fine Art - Angelo Accardi - Ostrich vs Armstrong


Art pieces are common and important items that win many people’s hearts. At times, a house may have good furniture, but it may feel empty with no artwork. Moreover, poor artwork placement can make a home feel dull or depressing. Walls with no artwork or pictures look odd and less appealing. Creativity is ideal in making the art fit the house’s theme and appearance.


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